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“The experience with Lucy was very important for me. In four weeks I’ve learned much more than I could in an English school. Being immersed in the English language is the BEST way to learn.”

Diego I – Milan, Italy

Visit Bristol and learn English rapidly with Lucy Tilney

It’s the fastest and most fun way to improve your English.

You are the ONLY student in the class, so your classes are designed especially for you, what you need to learn and how you like to learn.

Learn English while you discover Bristol and make new English friends.

Practise what you learn in the classroom, every afternoon and evening. Speak only English, from the moment you arrive at the airport until the day you return.

Your classroom is in your home. Your learning is constant and you will progress very rapidly. And, even better, no time or money is lost travelling from your accommodation to your school.

20:22 03 Oct 22
My first language immersion experience could not have been better. My two week stay went by very quickly. Lucy is a great professional, with many resources for language teaching. Phonetics and kinaesthesia are tools that I have internalized thanks to her. With a simple gesture I could see what I needed to correct.As a person she is enthusiastic, cheerful and talkactive. She is a wonderful cook, which is very appreciated.In short, I was very comfortable with her in her home, I made progress with the language in a very short time and I brought back with me resources and the desire to continue learning. Besides, Bristol is a city that the more you discover it, the more you get caught up in it.A great choice which I would repeat a thousand times.
Lucy represents for me a big leap forward in my command over the English language. I came to Lucy still trying to speak English using only the five Spanish vowel sounds. This makes your pronunciation wrong and is very limiting, since English has three or four times as many vowel sounds. Lucy gave me an appreciation of the subtle differences between long and short vowels for which we have a single sound in Spanish, and taught me phonemics so that I can now read phonetical symbols and help myself to find out about any tricky pronunciation on my own whenever I need it. She is a flexible teacher who is able to profitably use all kinds of teaching techniques in all language areas, which can suit different types of students. As a native speaker who has also studied the language, she can both teach you the grammar and offer insights when there are no rules to follow. This was in addition to learning through fun and creative games, cultural instruction, immersion in the city life, and much more. I highly recommend her.
Cecilia RiveroCecilia Rivero
20:27 07 Sep 22
Lucy has remarkably improved my English. Her teaching includes conversation, culture, grammar, phonetics, and everything you need to improve your English-language skills. She corrects you when you need it, which is something that you don’t get enough of from simple immersion, even if you live for years in an English-speaking country, because people are too polite to point your mistakes out or because they don’t want to interrupt a conversation. She has the ability and knowledge to help students perfect their English in different aspects and at different levels of language sophistication. If you study with Lucy, you can have online classes, visit her at her home, walk around with her, meet in different types of real settings, and attend a variety of cultural events in Bristol, one of England’s best cities, so as to observe and participate of real life in an all-English environment. All-around useful and enlightening. Thank you so much, Lucy! 🙂
Alex VillaniAlex Villani
22:04 30 Dec 21
I spent two wonderful weeks with Lucy in Bristol. What to say? I really enjoyed it. Lucy does her work with passion, precision and commitment. Whenever I made a mistake she corrected me explaining the right form.The house is well maintained and clean as you can see from the photos.Lucy is also a great chef. Everything she cooks is home-made with genuine ingredients.I tasted several cuisines such as Thai food, Japanese food and much more.I went to a Jazz gig with Lucy and her friends and visited Bath.In conclusion, I think this was a positive experience that I'm going to repeat in the next future. I recommend it!
daniel mataro marsaldaniel mataro marsal
19:49 23 Dec 21
I thank Lucy for this course, I have not only learned words or grammar but I have also learned to use a tool such as phonetics that I am sure will help me improve my level of English.

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This total immersion in English culture, customs and lifestyle will help you with your language learning. Because you speak only English every day, you will see an amazing improvement in your confidence and language skills.

It’s my greatest investment: I have realised a dream. I want to thank a lot Lucy for her patience and for her cheerfulness even when I was terrible!