Live in your teacher’s home and learn English, with Lucy Tilney

Your Teacher

Lucy Tilney is a fully qualified teacher of English as a Foreign Language, with the Cambridge CELTA qualification. She also has accreditation from International House, as well as from FutureLearn, ‘Professional Practices for English Language Teaching’.

Over 10 years’ teaching experience

She is a highly experienced English language tutor, with over 10 years’ teaching experience. She has taught for a range of British Council approved English language schools in the UK and abroad.

Lucy is a lively, enthusiastic teacher and offers Everyday English, English for Teachers and English Plus Tourism courses

Former BBC Television professional

She also offers Business English courses, having worked for the BBC Natural History Unit at BBC Television (British Broadcasting Corporation) for 10 years.

The ‘Lucy Experience’ is more more than you expect! I learnt to love phrasal verbs but the most important of all, I learnt to be self-confident and I really improved my English!

Cristina S – Barcelona,Spain

Watch a sample one-to-one English lesson

Her Home

Lucy’s home is in the centre of Bristol, in a colourful and historic area. You can walk to the city centre, the lively area of Clifton Village and the harbour side from her house.

Her house is attractive and warm, and has many paintings, books and tapestries.

The classroom is in the kitchen, which is a modern and sunny room with access to the garden.

There is a small garden and if the weather is good, you may have classes in the garden. During warm summer afternoons or evenings, you may have lunch or dinner outside too.

Lucy is an excellent cook and loves making healthy and delicious food from all over the world. She will offer you dishes from China, Thailand, France, Italy, Japan, Morocco, Turkey and Lebanan, for example.


Your room is a quiet, cosy, double room with a comfortable sofa bed. There is a desk and chair, a television/DVD, a fireplace, a mini-fridge, bookshelf (and books!), lamps and paintings.

The bathroom is shared with only one other member of the household. Broadband wifi is available and, if necessary, you can borrow a laptop and printer.

5 reasons to learn English with Lucy Tilney


Classes are at your level and designed to suit you

For example, specialist vocabulary for your work or interests. You can choose the subjects, the timetable and even the location of your lessons – the supermarket, a museum or a walk around the city.


One-to-one tuition is ideal for pronunciation work

 Lucy will show you how to make the English sounds by demonstrating what to do with your mouth, tongue and breath. You can practise without fear or embarrassment.


With one-to -one home stay tuition, you will have to speak English all day, every day

That is why it is SO effective. You are learning English the same way you learned your own language – you didn’t go to school to learn how to speak your own language!


You are fully immersed in British culture

You live with your host who is your teacher, eating meals together, watching television, listening to radio and meeting your teacher’s friends. This is the way your speaking and listening skills in English will come to life!


It’s much more fun than studying in a classroom!

What could be nicer than having your very own teacher, tourist guide and chef just for you?