Business English

Business English

Improve your English while being totally immersed in English life

Increase your vocabulary and learn how to speak English like an English person

Improve your business English rapidly with former BBC Television professional, while you are totally immersed in an English linguistic environment.

Help with English for business meetings, writing emails, making telephone calls in English, video conferencing with Skype.

  • Advice and mock interviews in English
  • Preparation for exams or business trips
  • Help with your CV in English
  • Explanation of cultural differences and English rituals of politeness

Key Facts

  • All levels of English
  • 20 hours of one-to-one tuition
  • Each class is 60 minutes long
  • One afternoon or evening excursion per week

The course was very intensive and I learned a lot in a very short time. I enjoyed my classes because Lucy designed them especially for my interests.

Hideki I – Nichifutsu Boeki Foods, Tokyo, Japan

How the course is structured

20 hours of one-to-one tuition

20 hours of intensive one-to-one tuition, mornings only, designed around your needs, one afternoon or evening accompanied excursion per week. The afternoons are free for you to work remotely, writing and reading your emails. There is one excursion per week in the afternoon, evening or at the weekend.

60 minute classes

Each class is 60 minutes long and there are four hours in the morning. There is usually a short break in the morning.

Authentic materials

We use books, cards and games to help you; authentic materials such as your daily diary, as well as interesting radio programmes or newspapers.

Breakfast, lunch and dinners

Meals are shared with your teacher, so you can practise what you learn in class every day.

What’s included?

Your bedroom is a warm and comfortable room with a desk, so you can study and check your work emails. There is also a television so you can watch English programmes and DVDs.

All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are included in the package. All course books and teaching materials are also included.

Who is the target audience?

This type of course is suitable for all learners – beginners, intermediate and advanced students. It is excellent for people who want to improve their career opportunities and increase their work options.

I’m really happy! I have just had a conference call with the social central team. The call was in English, I understood everything and I could explain them all my projects and ideas properly!

Alicia P, Director of Marketing, Barcelona, Spain

Bristol & Bath Attractions

You will have one afternoon or evening excursion per week. This will be designed around your own interests. I can arrange for you to meet other business contacts or make contact with organisations and industries which are connected with your business. 

We can go shopping or visit a market; go to see live music in a pub or go to the cinema; meet my friends and visit their homes; take the train to the beautiful city of Bath or go to a typical English country pub for drink.

Extra excursions are available on request and are charged separately, depending on destination and duration. 

5 reasons to study Business English with Lucy Tilney


English is THE global language of business

If you want to do business with another country, you will probably need to speak English to communicate with each other. This is true even if NEITHER of you are native English speakers.


Increase your chance of making sales and getting contracts

Being able to speak in English to your foreign business contacts may increase your business opportunities.


Develop and accelerate your career prospects

A good command of English is an advantage if you want to get a promotion at work, find a new job, get a transfer to an overseas department, or want to go on foreign business trips.


Improve your understanding and knowledge of British culture

With greater understanding of the British culture, you will be able to enjoy films, television and radio programmes, songs in the English language, as well as the famous ‘English sense of humour’!


Personalise your Business English language experience 

You will have your own personal tutor who will be your guide to the language, the English rituals of politeness, as well as the culture and the city of Bristol. You can use your own business materials and practise making conference calls or having an interview.