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English New

Your perfect English course: Let me create your perfect English course, personalised according to your own needs. Whether you want to improve your business English for meetings and communications with colleagues or you are a teacher who needs to refresh your English for teaching or you simply want to feel confident when you listen to and speak English, this is your solution.

Increase your confidence: My method is a fantastic way to rapidly increase your English listening and speaking skills.

Enrich your vocabulary: We focus on what is relevant to you and your business, your workplace and your interests. You will speak English like an English person, not just translating from your own language.

Improve your pronunciation: I will show you what to do with your mouth, tongue, breath and teeth to create the sounds of English. You can practise without fear of embarrassment as you are the only student in the class.

Speak to people: While you explore Bristol or go shopping, visit the city, ask for directions or help, have conversations with English friends and make simple telephone calls to buy tickets or reserve a table in a restaurant.

The classes were excellent and personalised. This allows you to work on your weaknesses and improve your strengths. One very important point is the food – it’s fantastic! 

Anabel M. – Terrassa, Barcelona, Spain


• The standard package is 15 hours for two weeks although shorter/longer courses can be arranged.

• Your personalised classes are from Monday to Friday, in the mornings. We discuss what you need to learn and the best methods for you.

• After the class, you will have time for self-study while I prepare our lunch.

• During lunch, we will chat and discuss your plans for the afternoon.

• In the afternoon, you can go for a walk and explore Bristol. I will suggest a mini-challenge such as try to speak to three people every day.

• You will have some homework to prepare for the next morning. You can do this in a café, while listening and watching people speaking English.

• Every evening, we will have a delicious, homemade dinner with conversation and gentle correction. This means that you will have a total of around six hours of English speaking per week day

• We use your personalised diary, your business emails; telephone conversations; video meetings; newspapers & business publications; radio and television programmes; mock interviews or presentations; help with your CV. What you need and want is what we study.

• There is one excursion per week, usually on Saturday. This might be a visit to the beautiful city of Bath; exploring Bristol; a live jazz concert in a pub or a theatre show.

• All accommodation, tuition and meals are included in the package.

What is Lucy’s home like?

Your room is a quiet, cosy, double room with a comfortable sofa bed. There is a desk and chair, a television/DVD, a fireplace, a mini-fridge, bookshelf (and books!), lamps and paintings.

The bathroom is shared with only one other member of the household. Broadband wifi is available and, if necessary, you can borrow a laptop and printer.

Lucy is a very good teacher – she is full of energy and communicates her passion for teaching.

Benedetta S – Rome, Italy


Individual intensive English coaching gets results: This full immersion method is the best method to improve your listening and speaking skills, fast. Learn to speak English with confidence

English is THE global language of business: Transnational business communications are almost always conducted in English. This is especially true when NEITHER of you are native English speakers. We use your own business materials and practise making conference calls or having an interview

Refresh your English: This personal coaching method is excellent you if you are a non-native teacher of English who wants to review and develop your English, with special emphasis on teaching techniques and ways to interest and engage your students

Improve your understanding and knowledge of British culture: Enjoy films, television and radio programmes, songs in English, as well as the famous ‘English sense of humour’

Develop and accelerate your career prospects: A good command of English is an advantage if you want to get a promotion at work, find a new job, get a transfer to an overseas department, or want to go on foreign business trips

Personalise your English language experience: Design your own language course with your own tutor, focusing on your personal goals and needs

Eat delicious meals, discover new recipes and make friends: Live the language while you eat with me and enjoy the culture and the city of Bristol

Bristol & Bath Attractions

We have one afternoon or evening excursion per week. We can go shopping or visit a museum; go to see live music in a pub or go to the cinema; meet my friends and visit their homes; take the train to the beautiful city of Bath or go to a typical English country pub for drink.

Extra excursions are available on request and are charged separately, depending on destination and duration.