Behind The Scenes – Preparing for my student’s intensive English coaching course

Image shows house and bathroom being cleaned.

Here’s a peek behind the scenes to see what happens before my student arrives for an intensive, full-immersion English coaching course with me.

One thing that’s very important is the ‘first impression’. I always spend lots of time making sure my home looks sparkling clean and welcoming.

That means quite a lot of physical work of cleaning, scrubbing, polishing, bed making, as well as shopping for food and drink. Most of this has to be done at the last minute otherwise the ‘just been polished’ look starts to fade away.

It’s quite exhausting but worthwhile, because I also like to live in a clean home!

I also have to get my head back into the teaching headspace, especially if I’ve had a break for a couple of months. Sometimes this can feel a little daunting. But as soon as I start the process of teaching and coaching again, I get right back into the swim of things.

My first student of the year arrived on Sunday evening, 7th January 2024. She came for a fortnight of intensive one-to-one English coaching, focusing on her needs and requirements, to improve her confidence in listening and speaking, supporting her future career path while enjoying good food and conversation in Bristol!

This is what she said about her experience with me:

“I had an incredible 15-day experience at Lucy Tilney’s Bristol homestay tuition, where my English skills flourished through daily 4-hour sessions. Lucy’s personalised lessons were instrumental in my improvement. Beyond the language aspect, her exquisite Ottolenghi meals added a delicious touch to each day.”

Noémie has now got herself a new job in Lisbon, where she lives. She has achieved her objective which was to improve her confidence to allow her to apply for jobs where she would need to speak in English.